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Graduate Engineer

Got a love for coding? Hardware design? IT project management? We're with you. Whatever you want to do, do it at the highest level. Arm technology is a driving force behind 95% of the planet's connected devices – from your smartphone to VR headsets to the world's fastest supercomputer. You'll master your craft while working with the biggest names in tech.

At the same time, your training and development will be second to none. We put our trust in you to work on big, global projects because you'll have our world-class mentors on your side, giving you just the right combination of freedom and support. And you'll also have your own development roadmap which you can pair with your choice workshops to take the skills you want to expert levels.

##Role Overview

Would you like to be our next Graduate Hardware Engineer in Graphics? Currently we have openings in the Design & Verification team for 2020/2021!

Norway is the birthplace of our Mali GPUs. We want you to be a part of the graphics revolution for handheld devices so you would get the opportunity to follow Mali GPUs continuing to out-grow the competition. You will have a real contribution which can make a difference, you will be also encouraged to share you ideas and in the same time you will learn new skills from experts!

Hardware engineers within our highly motivated and dedicated Graphics team have responsibilities that cover all areas of the design and verification process. They work closely with partners, architectural design and implementation, they write specifications, design and simulation, verification of functionality, generating deliverables and maintenance of designs.

What skills, experience, and qualifications do you need?

  • Good university degree in Computer Science or Electronic Engineering ideally. Other science graduates are also welcome with relevant experience.
  • C, Python or Java programming languages.
  • You are motivated to work both unsupervised/individually and as part of a project team.
  • You understand microprocessor fundamentals.
  • You have good English communication skills (oral and written)

Desired Skills

  • Use of Linux and shell programming**
  • You are familiar with high-level simulation language, such as VHDL or Verilog
  • You have experience with hardware design verification using simulation or formal techniques.
  • You have knowledge of the principles of 3D graphics

Our Core Beliefs lie at the heart of Arm and represent the essence of our organization. When combined and working together, they articulate the uniqueness of Arm culture:

Passion for Progress

Innovation that enables our ecosystems, Arm and our people to thrive.

  • Work with pace and judgment. Adapt to circumstances
  • Take risks in support of Arm's progress
  • Be accountable for the decisions you make. Learn from failure
  • Pursue innovation relentlessly.

We, Not I

Collaboration first, egos last.

  • Start with long-term value to customers and partners, and work back from there
  • Collaborate, decide, commit, and bring people with you
  • Make the most of all the skills and knowledge across Arm; share information with those who need it
  • Care about the people around you
  • Be your Forward-thinking Self

Skillful individuality, performance and fulfilment.

  • Be authentic
  • Seek and embrace differences
  • Encourage curiosity and challenge
  • Give people trust and autonomy; show people they can trust you to do brilliant work in pursuit of Arm's goals

Arm is an equal opportunity employer, committed to providing an environment of mutual respect where equal opportunities are available to all applicants and colleagues. We are a diverse organization of dedicated and innovative individuals, and don’t discriminate on the basis of any characteristic.

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