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Platform Engineer at Spacemaker

We have worked long and hard to get the first, basic version of the core data science technology working. Our current version is now close to giving viable results on real sites, and we are collaborating with partner customers to test it.

The role of the platform engineer is to take our complex, powerful and exceptional piece of AI, which is now being used by a team of geomatic engineers, architecths and data scientists, and make it easily accessible for one single person. This will be done by creating a multitude of services, everything from interactive web based map tools and 3d visualizations to intelligent AI systems that help users to find the best possible solution.

How all of this will be done remains to be seen, but we know that the platform engineers at Spacemaker will find the right solution for each of their tasks. If you are a frontend or fullstack developer joining our team, you will help us find the right tech, tools and methods to make the end result exceptional

As a Platform Engineer at Spacemaker you get the chance to …

  • Bring site development to the 21st century

  • Take responsibility and have ownership of what you create

  • Discuss possible solutions to problems with a highly skilled team, and have your opinion heard no matter your experience level

  • Freedom in technology choices, the right tool for the right problem

  • Highly competitive salary and equity opportunities

Desired profile

  • Passion for writing clean and modifiable code

  • Great understanding of breaking complex tasks in to smaller pieces

  • Polyglot programmer

  • Team player

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/spacemaker/3a700c85-b1a8-4fc7-946e-0e9d6be3fb59

Interested in an internship or a different job? Get in touch at hello@spacemaker.ai or visit https://spacemaker.ai/career/

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  • Publisert:6. september 2018

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